Ham Pie is for Easter

Happy Easter!

This year I celebrated with the lattice-crusted ancestral Pansa dish, Pizza Rustica, or ham pie! What a beauty!

Ham Pie

I tend to get nostalgic around major holidays away from the fam, hence the semi-elaborate holiday meal. The celebration continued when new friend, Ben, and I picked up some giant lobsters from the Southwest waterfront! They were a touch better than phenomenal.


The Wharf, as I have since Googled, is the oldest continuously operating fish market in the US. The waterfront is scheduled for major redevelopment within the next few years, however. The current Wharf will be replaced by 2017 with scores of new restaurants, offices, bars, apartment buildings, etc. DC: always changing!

Apparently on a seafood kick, earlier this week I tried out a new tuna burger recipe. It was really good! The pattie didn’t necessarily stick together and I inconveniently forgot to take a visual, but I’ll definitely add it to my recipe re-visit list.

After last week’s official run I decided to take a breather from intense workouts for a few days and stuck to yoga to stretch and recover. I’ve been debating a 2014 marathon for several months now and I’ve finally come to the decision to hold off for another year. Basically: I don’t want to hate running! These days, a long weekend run is the perfect cleanse. Adding in long-mid week runs (and super long weekend runs!) might spoil the joy. My current plan, subject to change: Keep up my 8-10 milage, run the Navy-Air Force Half Marathon in the fall as I’ve done the last two years (such a great race!), and then evaluate again. On my running to do list: find some running partners! Or at least running pals that I can go to races with and chit-chat before and after. I’ve been in a Meetup¬†running group for about two years now and still have yet to go on a run; this summer might be time!

I’ll end with a selfie this week: taken from a work social event at the Corcoran Gallery!



– EmPan


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