Spring Pilgrimages

I don’t think the weather could have been any better this weekend. Perfect for activities! Early Saturday morning I ventured to the Tidal Basin with Keelz for our stereotypical Cherry Blossom pilgrimage. It was beautiful out!

Cherry Blossoms

We arrived by 8am and strolled with tourists and locals alike. They really were at their peak! So easy to get great pictures. Awesome start to the weekend.

Cherry Blossoms

For the rest of Saturday I ran some errands and tried to relax a bit before the early morning Sunday race.  The GW Parkway 10 Miler started in Mt. Vernon at 8am and finished in Old Town, Alexandria. The “Prettiest run this side of the Potomac” they say!

To get to the start line I took a cab to Pentagon City, where I rode one of the race shuttle busses to the Mt. Vernon starting line. Arrived at the start superrr early, by 6:30am. Too much time to overanalyze anything and everything! By the time we started it was already heating up. So strange to be running in the heat rather than freezing cold! The course lived up to it’s scenic tagline, with most of the path following the water all the way up to Old Town! I finished in 1:34:12 (to be exact), which rounds out to a 9:26 mile.  Definitely better than any of my training runs, but still a few minutes slower than my ultimate goal. Hadn’t anticipated the rolling hills! Overall it was a good run and enjoyable race, ended with all my running pals by the water!


It was a pretty big effort to travel to the course and back, though. Next year I’ll probably try out the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler; much more convenient location!

Took another stroll down to the hoppin’ mall Sunday afternoon and then checked out Union Market for the first time! Trendy! Still up-and-coming I’d say, but who can turn down an open air market? Or a delightful iced coffee dining al fresco? Summer: it’s calling my name.

Tidal basin


– EmPan




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