Stepping into Spring

Living in a city without a car is great: No hassles! Zero $ spent on gas, oil changes, parking, (tickets), etc.! I remind myself why I love vehicle-less life after a highly intense self-transporting weekend such as the one I just experienced. Before I continue: This was spurred on by choice, #firstworldproblems ahead.

Early Saturday morning I embarked on my last 10 mile run before the GW Parkway 10 Miler this upcoming Sunday! It felt good, especially during the last third! I was either on a running high or knew that great things were ahead for the rest of the weekend, either way, it was a good one. I finished by 9, made a quick change into yoga gear and met up with Claire for some Cherry Blossom Yoga on the mall! In theory I intended this yoga to be a glorified stretching cool-down. It was a little more intense than that.  Lululemon instructors brought the heat! I had also not anticipated how many official yogi’s I’d be surrounded by, moderately intimidating.


Following the festival’s 2014 mantra “Step into Spring”, the event delivered the practice to “the people”. These people were really into handstands, headstands and tricks, shall we say. I would have much preferred some savasana (English: lying down about to fall asleep); to each her/his own! Had I taken a group picture of that, however, one most definitely would have assumed I joined a cult.  Not quite!

After yoga Claire and I walked back downtown and lunched/brunched at one of my favorite DC joints: Busboys and Poets. Great American food! They really nail the classics, and then some. Later that afternoon I had to run some errands, which was also what lead to my suburban-errand running envy. So much easier in a vehicle!

Sunday morning I had another early start on the mall for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. A volunteer for this one! I’ll also admit it: a selfish volunteer. I originally entered the race lottery at the end of 2013 but didn’t get a number, so by volunteering this year I have an automatic entry in 2015 if I chose to run. Not a bad deal! I was at the medal distribution tent which turned out to be quite the operation. For this particular race participants had to pre-purchase a metal, aka not everyone received one. We had to turn dazed and confused runners away if their bib didn’t have the correct markings. I think I would have preferred a water station; lots of cheering and less awkwardly placed bib reading. Now I know!

The day continued with a few more errands and then some great friend and chill time. Backtracking to Saturday, I even attempted my own red sauce! I’ve been meaning to cut myself off from Prego for a while now; this weekend was my first attempt. The jar was used for something else, what’s that in the background?!


I read a few recipes and threw in all the basic ingredients I noticed: tomato paste, diced tomatoes, olive oil, basil, garlic, salt & pepper. I had one dense helping, then called up expert saucers N&L who helped me realize the one key ingredient I was missing: water! Apparently for every jar of paste you add the equivalent amount of water.  One step at a time!

Double-back track to finish off my laundry list of activities: I went to the ballet last week! Pretty inspirational. The Kennedy Center‘s cheap tickets are just the best.


– EmPan


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