Boston Showers

Although this past week was a bit hectic (NYC work trip Thursday!), I knew a fun-filled Boston weekend was waiting for me come Friday evening. This trip was based on cousin Kristin’s wedding shower; fulfilling my bridesmaid duties with honor! The original plan was to stay with bff Nicole in the city, but after her work schedule interrupted our plans Drew and Ana graciously took me under their wing.


Saturday we toured the city! It’s amazing that I’ve really only been into Boston a handful of times. We walked from the Prudential Center, to Boylston St., to Newberry St., to Comm Ave, bypassed Quincy Market (and it’s money collecting street dancers), and ended in the North End. Once I heard the term “North End” I knew our last destination had to be for a cannoli; it would’ve been criminal to visit and not enjoy the ancestral delicacy. But then there’s the debate: Mike’s or Modern!? The locals suggested Modern Pastry over Mike’s Pastry, less commercial and filled to order! I went with the traditional ricotta filling, plain shell and chocolate chips. Delicious!

Modern Cannoli

Back at the apartment we had some downtime and caught up on great tv: the Phantom Gourmet! Man, I miss New England sometimes. What an exceptional program! The Andelman’s had a segment on Kings and raved about the bowling alley’s gourmet food and drink twist. Our wheels were turning. After dinner at Mexican restaurant, Zocolo, we headed to Kings! Unfortunately everyone else in Boston had either (a.) seen the Phantom Gourmet earlier in the day and been inspired to dine and bowl!, or (b.) decided to bowl on a wicked rainy night. Either way, the expected lane wait was 2-4 hours! We gourmet boozed instead. Next time!

The wedding shower was on the agenda for Sunday morning. It was a surprise!


(Photo credit: Auntie Moe)

The venue, catering, and decorations were all so beautiful. Seriously, after this I’m heading straight to Pinterest for some diy bridal party ideas for Jen’s. With 85% of the same guests in a few weeks I think a few might notice if I whip up the same sentimental poem (Papa wouldn’t, but he only makes guest appearances).

After the festivities I headed back home to a wintery mix’ing DC. Normally I wouldn’t have forced the Safeway trip, but since I’ve kinda let myself go this week (cannoli’s plural and no miles logged) I had to obtain some veg for the system. I whipped up a spinach, tomato, corn, and black been salad. It was great (and I’m not just saying that)! On point for sure.



– EmPan


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