Paint by Wine

This weekend I finally got to live out the LivingSocial dream by attending a Sunday afternoon Sipping & Painting class with friends KB, Claire and Katie! Paint bars are super trendy these days, basically the new bowling. I find the concept particularly enticing because (1) I prefer significant artistic direction when painting on a clean canvas, but (2) I enjoy attempts at diy artistry and (3) I like wine! An ideal situation.

Painting 1

At the beginning of class everyone was given a drink ticket for their very own semi-hefty bottle of red, white or champaign. I went with the bubbly! Another student in the class had provided her own orange juice; we were clearly among second-timers. Our instructor, Ellen, was an old-pro at teaching amateurs (so she said, along with a few other personal-plugs) and began by explaining the overall process we’d be taking and a few basic painting techniques. It was a bit intimidating at first, but after a few steps and several sips everything was great! By the end I even took some bold risks of my own. Why not outline it in black!? Why not add an imaginary stem and leaf?! The edge was clearly off.

Overall the experience was delightful. It’s too bad LivingSocial’s 918 F St. location is closing in early April! It was our one and only Sipping & Painting experience, but could always try out one of the other similar locations in the area. Fun stuff!

Painting group

Earlier on Saturday I embarked on a 10 mile run and hit the double digits! I ended with a pace just under 10 min/mile. I’m happy overall with the run, but still want to push myself over the next few weeks to bring down the time. At the end of this jaunt I was pretty wiped out, though, and took a beeline directly to the closest chocolate milk supplier for some instant nutrients. Next time I’ll take along a snack so I don’t hit that level of exhaustion again. Will have to ease into the special high-intensity gells and jelly beansJelly-Belly when did you get so intimidating!?

Other life accomplishments: Watched Frozen for the first time! How adorable. Also made a mean quesadilla last week. Yum!



– EmPan


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