New Sites

This weekend I headed to two new (to me) areas: H Street and Annapolis!

But from the beginning: Headed out for a long run Saturday morning. I followed a similar path as “So Scenic”, proving delightful again. My workouts this week were pretty sad though (due to weather and poor planning), so I wasn’t sure how well it would go. I ended up reaching 9 consecutive miles… 8 to 9 was a struggle! At 7.5 I was like “what’s another 25 more minutes to reach 10!?”. That sentiment quickly faded at 8 with several gps glances for the final horah. My pace was just under 10 minutes. Next time I’ll have to switch up the route a little, I don’t prefer to end with busy city streets as I’ve done the past few times. Ideally I would love to add some miles on the Capital Crescent but it’s still a bit muddy from winter weather, a few more weeks until we do the 180 spring flip!

Saturday night I ventured to H Street for dinner with friends Claire and Amy! Not close to a metro, H St. is a unique hub of its own with its up-and-coming attitude paired with lingering remnants of old DC. Wikipedia and the Washington Post tell me it was once one of the biggest shopping and entertainment districts in the region. But after WWII the area declined and was later torn apart in the riots after Martin Luther King’s assassination (more info on the riots). In the mid-2000’s the area started to turn around when District planning boards initiated efforts to help revitalize the corridor. The new streetcar system that is set to open soon (-ish?) is a major investment by the city. Plenty of trendy restaurants and bars have opened, along with the new Wal-Mart and a Whole Foods that’s currently in the works. The definition of gentrification.

Anyways, we tried to go to Toki Underground but the wait was 2+ hours. Crazy! Next on the list was Red Rock Bistro. It was pretty good! Definitely enjoyable pizza and company. Next time will try the bar scene… once this spring flip happens. Over the cold!

Sunday took a quick jaunt to Annapolis with friends Keelz, Dan and Mike. After all these years I’d never been! Quaint, I can see how it’s totally hoppin’ in the warmer weather. This happened:


No super unique cooking this past week. I did make a surprisingly good sausage/pepper/onion pasta dish though! It had essentially the same ingredients as the famed family casserole. This week I’ll shoot for some Mexican inspired dishes.

Also… picked up a pop-tart from Ted’s! Life’s little pleasures.



– EmPan


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