Empanadas by EmPan

Still on the hunt for interesting recipes to try, a new friend recommended empanadas.  The irony!  I was sold; little spanish pastries were to be made – the Americanized version, of course.  Although the name Paula Deen screams heart attack (and other things these days) I decided to follow her Chicken Empanada recipe from the Food Network.  They were delightful! I only used half the store bought pie crust to make 5 pastry pockets.  I had plenty of filling left over but didn’t necessarily need that many empanadas.  The filling was delicious and can still be used for a great sandwich!  Next time I’d try to roll the dough out a bit thinner; more filling, less crust.


Also tried out another cookie recipe: Betty’s Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Good stuff! These ones trumped my other blogged choco chip undertaking.  Fluffier.

Choco 2

Backtracking a few days, my weekday pesto attempt was a fail.  It just wouldn’t puree in the blender! After several technique attempts I gave up and threw the intended pesto together with some diced tomatoes and pasta.  Adequate, but not what I was going for.  What a pricy let down!

Had a fun weekend with outtatowner AC! Reunion obviously included a dance floor jam session. So many throwbacks, so little time.


Didn’t hit high mileage this time, just a quick 3 with stairs. I prefer to have an open ended time period when I’m going out on long runs; the impending bad weather and a haircut appointment dictated my Sunday. Currently getting over the distress from unexpected additional inches chopped. So much anxiety in that chair. It will grow… first world problem!


– EmPan


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