So Scenic

Saturday: The day of a phenomenally scenic run! Started out with a lap of the mall and a jaunt over the Arlington Bridge as planned. The spring weather was so encouraging I decided to take a new, extended route. The two options were the Arlington National Cemetery or the Mt. Vernon Trail. Unclear as to how morbid/politically correct it is to run through the cemetery, I took the trail route. Look at the view from the other side!


The trail was hoppin’. I wasn’t entirely sure where it would take me but I had safety in numbers, a fully charged phone and my water bottle! It was pretty much awesome. I amazed myself when I stumbled on Theodore Roosevelt Island! Been wanting to go for a while now but have never made it. Literally on a running high.


Back on the trail I reached Rosslyn and the Key Bridge, ran through Georgetown to Foggy Bottom (where I ran into Lez!) and ended at the White House.  Again, wicked scenic. My phone GPS failed me again, but calculating the distance out post run I think it was about 9.5 miles! Had plenty of stops along the way so it wasn’t a fast one but I’m glad to still be adding mileage.

With running on the mind, I finally signed up for the George Washington Parkway 10 Miler in April! Based on this weekend’s run I’m pushing for a competitive (personal) time, as long as pollen doesn’t get me first! (Highly plausible.)  Thinking out loud, it would be awesome if I could hold a 9 minute mile for the race.  More training and race-day adrenaline will help; but then again, pollen will not.

I also entered the lottery for the Marine Corps Marathon! Crazy! I won’t find out until mid March if I get a spot, fingers crossed!

This weekend’s recipe was Crustless Spinach Quiche.  It was super easy and a fun new addition! I haven’t made a new real (meat based) meal in a while, hoping to stumble on an inspiring recipe for my chicken this week.  The apt.’s new blender also opens up plenty of options. Pesto’s first on the list.


Side note, book club was last week! Despite not totally appreciating the pick of the month, I really enjoy getting to know the other members.  We read (I skimmed) “When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present“. I wasn’t into it, a few other members also couldn’t get into it. We concluded this was partly because few new concepts were presented. The ending also didn’t really conclude to much.  The concept of “women doing it all (or lack thereof)” has been done a billion and a half times. We get it! I much prefer the writing style and messages in Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In“.

Also… got an office plant! Big steps.

Office Plant


– EmPan


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