Valentine’s Weekend

Valentine’s Day is a top holiday in my book, directly trailing the obvious July 4th, Christmas and Thanksgiving combo. Just full of non-denominational love and friendship! My accompanying 1/2 birthday celebrations also coincide with the excitement. This year I decided to get festive and bake and decorate heart shaped sugar cookies. A total throwback to childhood Valentine’s Day parties! This one’s from ’96, pure joy:

Valentine's '96I searched the web again for this cookie recipe and came across the Best Rolled Sugar Cookies. For frosting I used a basic Confectioners’ Sugar Glazed Icing.  Rolling cookies was so nostalgic! Just like making cookies with Nana, only my rolling pin was a plastic waterbottle and my recipe wasn’t a homemade creation on an index card. Similar, but different.


Friends also got into the day’s theme… enjoyed some Whisky Seduction and Strawberry Blonde cocktails before heading out!


The fun continued when I could sneak in a run before Nance and Len arrived Saturday. It was a cold and wet 6ish miles, didn’t push too hard but still good!

Visited a few classics with the parents:

  • National Portrait Gallery, to see the American Cool and Dancing the Dream exhibits.  Crowded, but informative!
  • National Geographic Museum, Women of Vision exhibit, interesting!
  • Ben’s Chili Bowl, yum!
  • Worshipped, still to be discussed in the near future!
  • Filomena’s, amazing!
  • Wal-Mart, what a classic!

They were fans. The gospel choir at church even (ironically) sang Oh Happy Day. So uplifting!

– EmPan


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