Lemons into Cake

Lemon desserts don’t typically speak to me, but I saw this Glazed Lemon Pound Cake picture, had the craving and went for it. Martha got me again! As far as lemon desserts go, it was delicious. Had the consistency I was going for, dense-ish and moist. The icing was a little out of control, however. Blindly following the directions, I combined the confectioners’ sugar with straight lemon juice. Too intense! Next time I’d go for a just sugar glaze. Halving the recipe also challenged my division skills, I’m glad Google could verify my 1/2 of 3/4 cup buttermilk, or fake buttermilk because I DIY’d it and combined lemon with real milk. Learning new things!


Made a great sauteed meal, too! No recipe, just olive oil, pepper and garlic powder on my tilapia and asparagus over brown rice. This is what the millenials call “clean eating“.


This weekend I broke the psychological barrier and passed the 8 mile mark. Held a 10:10 pace. The water bottle came with me, and I’m fairly certain it’s the reason my first few miles were slower than normal. Clunky, but necessary until I spring for a Camelbak backpack (after the Garmin). Eventually found a good rhythm, with the help of repeat song of the day: Bastille – What Would You Do? What a great throwback cover! After an hour I realized I hadn’t even pondered the question; still don’t know.

I’ve been looking into races and am pretty set on the George Washington Parkway Classic 10 Miler in April. A few more days to consider alternatives until I decide. The Marine Corps Marathon has a spring qualifying race… but it’s 38 miles away. I’ll have to take my chances in the lottery (opening Feb. 23). Alternatively, I just realized the Baltimore Marathon is also in October = great backup plan! Keeping the eyes on the prize.


– EmPan


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