Casseroles and Wild Feathers

Cooking dilemma: I over-cooked another chicken dish last week and decided to temporarily give up on meat centered meals and transition to casseroles.  I love casseroles!  Similar to sandwiches, they have anything you’d want in one bite!  I came across this promising Sicilian Sausage and Peppers Rigatoni bake.  It’s so similar to Leo’s signature dish I had to try!  It turned out well.  I didn’t end up using all the pasta and included a can of diced tomatoes in addition to the sauce.  Next time I’ll use a different sausage brand, the turkey sausage had an un-ideal casing situation.  A few more attempts to family competitions!


On a casserole high, I attempted another dish, this time with quinoa and broccoli.  I should have better assessed the directions, I might have realized how much of a role cheese played and how much quinoa you actually make (a ton!).  But really, I shouldn’t have trusted a blog with this title.  It’s kind-of a spin on mac n’ cheese, only not… Bottom line: It’s mediocre.  Consume in small doses: it’s dense!  Froze half immediately, casserole 4 dayz.

Saturday’s run was a strong 7 miles at a 9:30 pace.  I’ve been holding close to 7 for a few weeks now, partly for water-based psychological reasons.  I should really be hydrating once I hit 8, but bringing water along the way isn’t my favorite!  This weekend it will be coming along.  Stay tuned!

For mid-week entertainment I went to my first concert in a realllly long time.  Too long!  Keelz recommended we see The Wild Feathers at U Street Music Hall.  They’re a rock-and-roll band with folk-ish undertones?

Wild Feathers

They were fun! And the opening acts were actually good, too!  Classic U Street/music combo wouldn’t have been complete without Ben’s Chili Bowl! Yum.



– EmPan


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