Grey Fire

Early Saturday morning I embarked on my weekend run with bouts of energy after a restless night.  I was loose from Friday Pilates and ready to rage, despite the 25 degree thermometer reading and grey, grey sky.  I would have a real visual, but my phone stopped working at 2.6 miles.  It’s died on cold runs before so I wasn’t too worried about the hardware itself (now I know it’s normal).  But no phone meant no music(!), running tracker or camera (I’m a fan of scenic running pics).  Just picture the mall in total grey scale.

mall(Fake, but accurate visual.)

Normally, lack of music would stop a run almost immediately.  Saturday was different.  At 8:30 AM on a cold, dark weekend apparently only runners are out and about on the mall. No distractions or riffraff.  I kept running sans music all the way around the mall, over the Arlington Bridge and back.  My inner fire was fueled by outer serenity and internal thoughts (deep).  The snow covered Reflecting Pool sidewalks were an added distraction.  I ended up running about 7.75 miles in about 80 minutes.  That rounds out to roughly at 10:35 pace.  Gladly accepted; the last half mile was a slow cool down and icy paths caused unintentional delays.

After phone malfunctions I’ve looked into GPS running watches.  The $100-$150 price range can track distance, time, pace, heart rate, and calories and upload to a program online.  The Garmin Forerunner 10 seems like a great option; just need to save!

Church this week was also pure inspiration.  Fr. Smith relayed the message: “If you can conceive it, and in your hear you can believe it, you can achieve it.”  It derives from an American author on success, Napoleon Hill.  Transferable to all aspects of life.  What great motivation!

In other news: Jam of the day is Lady Antebellum’s “Compass” –> straight up repeat.


– EmPan


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