Double Header and a History Lesson

Tuesday: Capitals vs. Senators

Wednesday: Wizards vs. Celtics

Yes, two Verizon Center games in two nights!  Tuesday afternoon my friend Mike (also know as Michael Francis Turchetti and Tur-cutie) had an extra ticket to the Caps game and invited me along.  Had the thrill of seeing the Caps lose (for the second time) from the very last row!  Sarcasm, but I also appreciate being able to see the whole rink at once.  Less head turning.

Caps 2

Wednesday night’s game was pre-planned with Tur-cutie and Bill.  Also nose-bleed seats, but guess how much they were?! $9.  The benefit of living by a team that’s not-so-hot!  And the game was great! (So much better than hockey, geeesh.)  Celtics held a lead until the last quarter when the Wizards tied it up, went into overtime, and then Celtics came through with the W!


At the game I realized I knew nothing about the Wizards.  Mike and Bill (and Dan the night before) all told me their one fun-fact: the Wizards were previously called the “Bullets” until the gun-violence connotation for DC was too much to handle.  I’ve looked into some more fun facts about the team and here’s what I’ve found:


  • Established as the Chicago Packers in 1961, 1962 changed to the Zephyrs
  • 1963 moved to Baltimore and called the Baltimore Bullets
  • 1973 moved closer to DC and called the Capital Bullets, but that was too confusing with the Capitals so changed to the Washington Bullets
  • 1996 changed to the Wizards and moved to the (now) Verizon Center: A non-violent name for the country’s most violent city (no worries, we’ve cleaned up since)
  • Michael Jordan played for the team 2001-2003: Totally forgot this part! After retiring from the Bulls in 1999, Jordan became the Wizards’ president … then played… then got fired
  • 2011 the Wizards’ image changed to the current red, white and blue.  I think they still need some branding help.

The team has two different logos and two unrelated mascots: G-Wiz and G-Man? Weird.

Logo and mascot

More searching: As of 2013 the owner, Ted Leonsis,  mentioned changing the name again, but its still TBD.  Leonsis also own the Capitals and the WNBA Mystics.

Good to know!

– EmPan


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