Struggle Runs and DIY’ing

Today’s day-off post comes with plenty of visuals!

Let’s start with running:  As previously mentioned, my Sunday run was sad.  It was the maiden voyage for my new pair of Brooks PureFlow’s (3rd pair overall!) but unfortunately, it was a struggle.

Pure Flow

I blame it on too tight hamstrings from Friday Pilates, but really I shouldn’t have expected to top last week’s run without much training in-between.  I stretched it out as much I could to push through a Monday run.  I hit 6 miles at a 10:20 pace with several stretching stops along the way.  I’ve learned two things from this experience: have to pay more attention to stretching beforehand and should really invest in a foam-roller.  I also just need to sign up for a race for motivation.  Recommendations welcomed!

Cooking:  Today I decided to make tuna salad for the first-time-ever-in-life with the help of my new Kind Spices!  The spices were a pretty great gift from wicked awesome Wisconsin native, Ana.


It came with eight different spice-combos and a few recipes to go with each.  The tuna recipe called for 2 parts “Sandwich Sprinkle”, one part “Pasta Sprinkle”, a little mayo and chopped onion.  I definitely messed up the proportions and had to drain and re-tackle, but the finishing product was pretty good! My 8-yr old self is totally not into it; 23 yr-old self is making progress.


For dinner I also made my first successful meat + side dish meal!  There have been several misses in this department over the last few weeks.  Overcooking the meat and using non-compatible spices are primary culprits.  This time I used the Food Network’s “Grilled Chicken with Roasted Kale” recipe as a base, altering with a few changes.  Family favorite Worcestershire sauce was doused on the potatoes, plus a few dashes of garlic and onion powder.  Leo’s (Dad’s) roasted potatoes are phenomenal.  I have yet to master his spice combo, but this was a step in the right direction!  It was also my first time baking kale.  It turned out really well! I probably used too much olive oil and next time would roast the potatoes a little longer by themselves.  Simple, yet delish.

Chicken and potatoes

Crafting: This weekend I had a crafting vision, got the supplies and actually made it!  It’s super emo and I’m fully expecting silent judgements from most.  Moving on: I still have a lot of white walls in my room and need some inspiration now-and-then.  My solution was to write a deep quote in fancy paper and place in an interesting frame.  So that’s what I did!  I don’t actually recall seeing this on Pinterest, but I’m sure that’s where the idea originated.  I’m warming up to how it came out.  Actually, I can predict the pen color will drive me nuts, but I have plenty of extra paper to make adjustments. Wrote it super small, even more secretive!


DIY’ed out 4 now.

– Empan


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