Running to Cookies

Resolution #2 (run!) initially took a hit in 2014 due to unforeseen circumstances.  There are some people that stop at nothing to fulfill running goals; I do not qualify for this category.  Last weekend’s run started strong but petered off at 2.5 miles after I had to re-adjust my ear buds every 30 seconds.  (Thought my hat would keep them snug – not the case.)  I compromised with stadium/museum stairs and called it a day.  The second obstacle for the year has (obv) been the weather.  Rain, snow, wintry-mixes, polar vortex’s: it just wasn’t going to happen outside.

Until today!  It’s amazing what can get done when sunshine’s involved.  I’ll preface today’s activities with my fave/only fave Thought Catalog post (seriously, they’re so emo sometimes): 8 Photos You Don’t See on Instagram (But Probably Should).  #6 provides a rough description of my Saturday.  And because of this, my magical Sunday could happen:

1. Ran: Got to 7 miles!  Held a 9:30 pace.  Realized I have to add the extra mileage in the middle of my run; if I try to save it for the end I quit early and hit up Dunkins.

2. Went to church: Worshipping will be discussed in a future post. Stay tuned!

On the way back from #2 I received a call from KB asking if I wanted to go to the Capitals hockey game in 30 minutes.  Friend of a friend had two extra tickets! Answer: YES.

Caps game

3. Spontaneously attended first Caps game: Thanks friends!  But why is fighting allowed in an organized sport???

Caps game

4.  Attended Golden Globes viewing party: Made salsa.  It was a hit, added enthusiasm most likely related to accompanying margaritas.  Tina Fey & Amy Poehler were absolutely killin’ it.  Beyond inspired.

What a day, right?!  But backtracking to my Saturday.  One thing I did accomplish was a new recipe for the books.  Although it may seem like I’m always making dessert, the last two (New Years brownies and bday cake) were for shared gatherings, and selfishly I wanted to make something for myself and the freezer (future self).  I set out to bake the best chocolate chip cookies, so that’s what I Googled, and that’s what I made according to  They’re buttery and delicious.  I was shooting for a softer cookie and they turned a bit crispy, so perhaps next time I’ll alter my search and see what else I find.  Low-cal desserts clearly aren’t on the radar yet.

choco cookies

Signing off with a favorite Facebook post of the week. Cheers!

mft fb

– EmPan


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