As part of our “try new activities” category my friends KB, Lez and I went on a Grouper!

Grouper definition: A social club that sets up drinks between 2 groups of friends: 3 and 3…  Basically it’s a way to meet up with people at a bar that you have more in common with than total strangers.  Cost: $22, including your first drink.

To sign up for the service we all had to apply through Facebook and then answer a few basic questions, like what our favorite liquor is and what our religious preferences are, because somehow those go hand-in-hand.

The meet-up was set for Friday.  On Thursday we were notified of the time and location.  Initially I was a little bummed with the venue: Ventnor Sports Cafe in Adams Morgan; which sounded more like a dive bar with a hefty walk from the metro, rather than a swank/hip place in a new (to us) area.  Oh well.

So, we all met up in Adams Morgan!  We were paired with three nice guys that had all graduated from UMD and were working outside DC.  Conversation was easy and flowing; we all had similar interests in DC nightlife, traveling, and family values, shall we say.  It was also helpful that Grouper had their trio prepare “2 Truths and a Lie” for us, a fun switch-up from normal conversation.

SIDE NOTE: When playing “2 Truths and a Lie” your lie actually has to be a lie.  If you did half of it, that is cheating and is weird.

We were all having a good time, so after a couple rounds of drinks at Ventnor we decided to keep the night going at a few other bars in Adams Morgan.  We danced it out and let loose, even swapped some signature moves!  Grouper somehow knew we were all great dancers to classic hip-hop throwbacks, impressive!  At the end of the night we took our Grouper picture.  I don’t think it will be in the Grouper hall-of-fame, but an instant classic indeed.  We hugged it out with our new friends and said our good-byes.

Bottom line:

Am I glad I tried Grouper? Yes.

Am I rushing back to do another one? No.  $22 is a bit pricey for one drink on the house and to meet strangers, even if we’re pre-screened for compatibility.  I’ll be chit-chatting it up at the bars without the help of fb comparisons next time.


– EmPan


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