New Year, New Blog

Greetings and Happy New Year!

It’s January 1st: Officially time to start EmPan Blogs!  This is my way of documenting thoughts and activities in 2014, for anyone to see and 5 people to read.  A live journal, if you will.  I have a few guidelines planned for the year  (see below) and want to document as much as possible in one place.  Also, I refuse to Instagram every recipe I intend to sub-par-ly re-create, so those will all be here too… I’ve added my botched box brownie cutting job from last night (should have seen the pan), emphasis on res. #1.


My 2014 New Years Resolution Plans:

  • Make one new recipe every 7-9 days … and post pics and comments here!  Reason: I cook approx. the same 4 meals on repeat and am confident there are more ways to spice up my fish and quinoa combos.
  • Run! I like to run when I’m good at running, therefore I have to maintain my usual 4-5ish miles at least once a week to keep it going.  Also want to sprinkle in some official races.  I’ve completed an 8k and two half marathons so far and am debating a full, preferably the Marine Corps Marathon in October.  I’ll keep ya posted.
  • Do at least one new activity a month.  This one’s inspired by my fellow Washingtonian friends who are also itching to get out there more.  The reoccurring dilemma: waking up Saturday morning with nothing planned and too late to see a show/get tickets to a game/use a Groupon/etc.  Also, I’ve seen way too many paint bar canvas pictures not to want to butcher something myself.
  • Read good books. I just joined a book club! We’re all putting together a list of books to read, so if anyone has a non-depressing book club book to recommend, I’m all ears.  This plan will only be accomplished if I can LOL occasionally. I’m not sure if Oprah shares similar thoughts…

– EmPan

New Years Brownies


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